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By using this site pataviews.co.ke OR any part of our services and website it is deemed you accept these rules, terms and conditions in FULL!

Welcome to pataviews.co.ke, BRAND MARKETING SERVICES. Trying to maintain the quality of the customer service relationship we have set a number of terms and rules for using our service. When you are entering our website you agree to comply with all rules. The rules are set in accordance with the general terms of pataviews services and are mandatory.

The admins of pataviews have the right to change the content of this page at any time without your consultation and without needing consent from you or any other party.

If you are unsure, or not able, or do not wish to comply with our rules or privacy policy, please do not purchase any service from us.

We do not guarantee that people will want to watch your videos even after we do a campaign for them on Google Adwords or on Facebook advertising. WE also do not guarantee that Google or Facebook will approve the running of your video campaigns even as we strive to make your videos advertiser-friendly, it will all depend on the way the advert services will perceive them

pataviews.co.ke is not a service affiliated with Instagram, Youtube or Facebook.


Pataviews.co.ke does not take any responsibility for the third-party websites that can be found via the hyperlinks on our website. We do not recommend or approve any third-party service. Any article and any other text content may contain mistakes, inaccuracies or errors. Corrections are the things done periodically. All the information placed on a site is collected from public resources on the Internet or written based on personal experience and intended exceptionally for acquainting purposes. The administration of pataviews does not take any responsibility without any limitation for any kind of damage, any kind of loss of use or loss profit in any manner connected with the use of information or services, or the failure to provide information or services


  • By purchasing our packages, you are deemed to have read out the descriptions before buying.
  • By purchasing any package or any kind of service from our site it is deemed that you agree with the product or the service you are buying
  • By making an order you agree that the purchase is final for one exact account. If the package is not fully delivered you may issue a request to deliver it.
  • In case you open a dispute on PayPal or MPESA currier company like Safaricom without first contacting us, you will have forfeited your refund in full. Such money will be used to pay for communication credits/airtime towards resolving the dispute on the PayPal/Safaricom payment system provider platform. so you are advised to contact our team towards resolving your issue first before trying to involve other entities.
  • Once the order is made and until the purchased package is completely delivered you will not make any order from any other site, app or service. If you do, pataviews.co.ke will not refill or refund in case of fewer number is delivered or is not delivered at all.


  • pataviews.co.ke is an Internet-based service. Our site works in accordance with the rules and terms of the Internet, server, and user software and electricity, so we can not guarantee the all-time availability of our service or the constant speed of performance.


The can be no refund whatsoever. Once you purchase products on our site you are deemed to have:-

  1. Read the full terms and conditions page
  2. deemed to have read the description on the product and have understood well prior to any purchase
  3. We do not refund once we have started on the formation/running of your campaigns

Privacy Policy

We do not give or sell your personal information to any third-party services, companies or GOs/NGOs. We use the safest and private payment system of PayPal & MPESA in order to eliminate any possibilities of fraud, fishing or scam.

This Site contains copyright material, trade names and other proprietary information, including, but not limited to, text, software, photos, graphics. All right reserved. You can not use, distribute or copy any sort of content on this site including related text, graphics, any parts of the code or software. pataviews.co.ke including logo, colors, design, and illustrations is a registered trademark made to identify Instagram Followers, its services provided, goods. Use of any without prior authorization of Instagram Followers is restricted.

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