Hello and welcome, let me show you How to Make Ksh.1000 Daily on Youtube. Many people are looking into ways to make money online around the world.

Today i will be sharing with you a sure way you can make money with your youtube channel. Have you ever hear of monetized views before? If yes good for you, if not welcome to the world of numbers!

Many youtubers know the secret to making money on youtube but will never share because they don’t want others to enjoy the piece of the cake! Many youtubers will never tell you that you can use platforms such as PATAVIEWS to gain monetized traffic to your channel thus earning some pretty good revenue along the way. Yes you can get monetized views at very cheap rates using platforms such as WWW.PATAVIEWS.CO.KE or WWW.PATAVIEWS.COM. You can get 5k views at Ksh.1150. This will generate a revenue of at-least Ksh1500-Ksh.3000 depending on your channel CPM(Cost per mile), meaning if you deduct capital you will make atleat Ksh.500-2000 in profits per every 5k views. However, you need to be monetized to get paid on by Youtube adsence; if not yet Monetized simply let pataviews help you get monetized for as little as Ksh. 18k (You will get 1000 subscribers and 4k watch hours) click here to purchase monetization package its on offer now at Ksh.12k> YOUTUBE FULL MONETIZATION PACKAGE

What are monetized views?

Monetized views are views that count on adsence revenue (or paid views). These are views that earn a youtuber money.

In order for a youtuber to make money on youtube viewers have to watch sets of adverts.

If an advert is placed on a video, that video generates revenue from that ad. That is a “Monetizable View. the video they view generates revenue through the viewer’s monthly subscription fees.

How do youtubers make money?

So, from the above explanation we see that you can only make money after your viewers have watched adverts on your videos.

How do u make money with Monetized views?

You can only make money if you are monetized on youtube. This means that if you get an audience to watch the adverts on your videos if you are monetized then you will make money.

How can i make $10 (Ksh.1000) per day on youtube?

simply put, you can make money if viewers view or click on adverts placed on your video.

so, this is how a person can use monetized views to make money on youtube.

First you will need a youtube channel that is monetized. (Don’t worry if you are yet to be monetized, i will show you easier ways you can use to get monetized in under 2 weeks)

Secondly, you can make a plan on how much you want to make on youtube per day, per month or per year

Thirdly, you can purchase an advert package for let say like 5000 views for only $10 (Ksh.1150). This will give you guaranteed earning of between $15-$30 (Ksh.1500-Ksh.3000) depending on you channel CPM.

A good way to know you channel CPM using this method is by trying to purchase once then wait for 73 hours for your earning to appear on your youtube dashboard. This way you will be sure on what your channel will be earning if you intend to make this your side hustle.

How doest it work

Its simple. once you place an order for lets say 5k monetized youtube views, services such as Pataviews will get their organic viewers to watch all the adverts on your video 5000 times, thus you generate revenue. It will take between 24-73 hours for you to see how much you earned during the campaign period.

secret tip to earning high

Yes there is a secret tip to earning high on youtube, and the secret is very simple. Make sure you do videos above 8 minutes so that you can place more adverts between the video length. make sure you have 1 advert immediately placed at the first 1 minute, this way you will have high chance to getting the viewers watch more adverts at minute one incase they drop early.

I am not monetized yet what do i do?

Don’t worry if you are yet to get monetized. Pataviews can help you get the monetization requirement within 14 days.

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And that is how How to make MONEY with Monetized Views

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